Good News for Natural Gas Vehicles

Truck Center Companies is happy to report that the The Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act is now law! A portion of this includes a weight exemption that allows heavy-duty natural gas vehicles (NGVs) to exceed the federal weight limits up to 82,000 pounds compensating for the additional weight of natural gas fuel systems and tanks. This provision will level the playing field for natural gas trucks that are currently unable to haul the same amount of freight as diesel-powered trucks.

This makes our liquid hauling customers happy!

“We have struggled for years now to utilize CNG without the worry of running out of fuel or sacrificing payload. The 2000 pound weight exemption solves the problem. This is the solution we’ve been waiting for. Clearly, we are not alone but you won’t find anybody more excited about it than we are.”

- Josh Schmidt, General Manager, Liquid Trucking

Joe Hurley
-- Fuel Solutions Specialist