Lower Operating Costs

State Alternative Fuel Programs:
Nebraska Energy Office - Low interest loan program for alternative fueled trucks at
7 year/2.5%.

Missouri Fuel Tax Exemption at $0.17/gallon for alternative fuels.

Alternative Fuel Vehicle Incentives:
MUD incentives - Metropolitan Utilities District in Omaha will reimburse up to 75% of the natural gas conversion cost or NGV premium charge on factory installed units.

BHE incentives - Black Hills Energy provides incentives based on fuel consumption and fueling at BHE supplied CNG stations.

Nebraska Energy Office incentive - Nebraska LB581 provides 50% off the upfit cost or premium charge for alternative fuel up to $4,500 per vehicle.

Long-term fuel agreement - Up to 5 year fuel agreement. Terms and price per gallon are negotiable between fleet owner and fuel provider. Federal excise tax credit is before congress now! Stay tuned for details.

FAST Act - Increases weight limit for natural gas vehicles to 82,000 lbs.

Demo Program - 2016 FTL Cascadia 113 demo available.

Joe Hurley
-- Fuel Solutions Specialist