Name Change

We continue to make great strides in our rebranding efforts to one common name, Truck Center Companies.  This change from individual store names is because we really are one large family of stores working together to meet our customers’ needs no matter which dealership you use. 

We are the same company with the same staff, and our goals for continuous improvement in customer satisfaction are stronger than ever.  Nothing has changed but our trade name, to make marketing easier.  Omaha Truck Center, Inc., in business since 1975, is still the parent company.

We are hard at work installing new awnings, signs, billboards and more displaying our Truck Center Companies name.  Our new website reflects more than just a name change.  Please give it a test drive and also our new website geared to recruiting diesel technicians,

Thank you for stopping by, and thank you for your business.

Trey J. Mytty
-- CEO