Same Company New Name

We have officially adopted Truck Center Companies as the operating name for all of our truck dealership locations in Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas.  Since its inception in 1975, Omaha Truck Center, Inc. grew from a single business location to 11 in eight cities and three states.  Over the past 38 years, each new endeavor brought a new locally flavored name.  We ended up with several operating names and a headache for marketing ourselves as one company.


Our new name and logo are rolling out now.  You will start to see more of Truck Center Companies and less of the local dealership names you’ve come to know.  Just remember, we are still the same company with the same great people to support you.  While you may shop at only one or two of our locations, keep in mind your account with us is available at all of our dealership locations.     


Thank you for your business.

Bruce Fox
-- Operations Manager